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We offer free returns with few exceptions: incorrect model selection; phones and tablets with unpaid balances; or gadgets linked to accounts and locked with passcodes.

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At Canitcash we pride ourselves and our business on being upfront, transparent, and trustworthy. Canitcash has been a reliable source to sell your used electronics online safely for many years. Also, there really is no risk, you will be paid for your device or it will be returned to you.

Often times we get asked “What’s the best place to sell my laptop?” At Canitcash we’re trying to do some things a little different. We want to make the processes of selling your laptop online as easy as it can be. Some of the advantages of our service include; No Making Online Adds, No Fees, No Meeting Strangers, Multiple Payment Methods, among others. Our focus will always be a hassle free system to sell your laptop and other electronics online with good quotes and great customer service! We stand by our promise of being honest and transparent in everything we do.

Yes, we absolutely do buy used and broken condition. We expect these items to have wear and possibly broken pieces. When you sell an item at Canitcash we just ask that you accurately describe your items and we will ask the condition of all items being sold during our checkout process.

At Canitcash we believe in being green and responsible. This is truly one of our motivators and it makes us feel good about what we do, and keeps us looking for better ways to do it. First, we will always try to find new life for your items mostly through ecommerce sites. If we cannot find a new home for your used electronics, we will disassemble the items and resell any usable components from the device. Any remaining items we will separate and recycle them accordingly.

We are constantly updating our prices on a daily basis. We search various online sites and competitors searching the values of the items we buy to ensure you are getting the most value for your items.

Don’t have a printer? No problem, just shoot us a quick message once your order is placed that you need a label and we will get one mailed out to you.

We have created a page showing three simple methods to locate your laptop model HERE.

The short answer here is yes, please remove the skin before shipping your item. The thing is, these skins, decals, or protective adhesives can be very difficult and take a lot of time to remove without damaging the item. Because of this we ask that you do this yourself before shipping your device. If an item is received with a skin or decal on the device this would be considered a sticker and the item would be considered fair condition. To make sure you get the most money possible for your devices it is suggested that you remove these before sending.

Selling My Item

The quickest and fastest way to do this would be to go to our homepage and search using our search bar at the top of the page. Have the brand and model? That’s great! Type it in there and it will generate a list of devices related to that search. Select your device from this list to proceed to the next page. Don’t see the exact model? Send us an email!

Don’t know exactly what to search for? From our homepage, select the icon for what you are selling, be it a laptop, tablet, etc… From there, select the brand from the first page, then search in the drop down window on the next page for the model you are trying to sell. Check out the photos provided for tips on how to locate your model number, it’ll make everything a lot easier!

Once you have selected the correct device, please fill out the following page as accurately as possible to receive the closest trade-in value that your item is worth. We really do stress accuracy here, so please view our guide on that same page for what to look for.

No, we do not take any fees.

Yes, as part of our 100% free service your device will be factory reset to default configuration during our inspection process.

When you sell a laptop online, we understand you want to be able to track every step of the process. Once you create an order within our system you will be provided access to your members area. We specifically designed this section for our users to track the entire process of the devices sold. We’ve included a messaging system so you can see the entire record of the transaction, as well as being able to ask any questions pertaining to your order.

No, everything we need to identify and receive your package is included on the shipment label. You can certainly include paperwork with your shipment if you would like but it is not required.


  • Power adapter
  • Battery
  • Any accessories included with the laptop at the time of purchase (stylus pen or docking keyboard)


  • Power adapter
  • Any accessories included with the tablet at time of purchase (stylus pen or docking keyboard)


  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Power cable


  • Power cord and plug-in adapter
  • Any accessories included with the phone at time of purchase (stylus pen)

Gaming Consoles:

  • Power cord and power brick
  • Any controllers included with the gaming console at time of purchase

Smart Watch:

  • Power adapter

All In Ones:

  • Power adapter
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

When you submit an order within our system you will be asked to state the item’s condition and any defects the item may have. Please enter this to the best of your ability. We do have an entire section on our website dedicated to helping you inspect your laptop located HERE. In the event that we receive an item that we feel should have been marked differently, we will always contact you first and you will always have the final decision to either accept the adjusted value or have the device returned. We offer free returns with few exceptions: incorrect model selection; phones and tablets with unpaid balances; or gadgets linked to accounts and locked with passcodes.

We like to keep our process easy and hassle free for all users. Because of this we do not offer custom quotes and we do not pay more for upgraded hardware.

Payments are made within one business day of us receiving and inspecting your item. When submitting your order you will choose from our many payment options including; PayPal, Check by mail, Amazon gift card, Venmo, Cashapp, Chase Quick Pay, or Google Pay.

Shipping Related

Take well-lighted pictures of all surfaces of your item as a record of its condition.

Be sure to fully wrap the item(s) in protective film and bubble wrap to avoid any damage upon shipping

Once you create an order you will be provided a free UPS or USPS shipping label of your choice. Find a box, package your item, apply our free shipping label to the box, then drop the package off at the shipment provider you originally selected. If you selected USPS you can also hand this to your mail delivery person.

No, we do not supply boxes or shipment materials. We do however supply you with a free shipment label to attach to packaging of your choice. This also helps you get paid faster for your device.

Once you place an order in our system you will be provided with a free shipment label. You can access this label immediately, via email, and in your online members area so you can print this label anytime at your own convenience.

Yes, packages shipped via UPS & USPS are insured up to $100. Please be sure to package your items carefully and securely.

We use UPS or USPS as our shipment provider. You get to choose you preferred method when you create an order.

If you selected UPS as your shipment option you can drop the package off at any UPS LOCATION  or schedule a UPS pickup from your home.

If you selected USPS as your shipment option you can drop the package off at any USPS LOCATION or simply hand the prepared package off to you local post person.

Absolutely, are system is designed for you to sell multiple devices with ease. Feel free to package all the devices you sell in one box with the one label provided. Remember to package the items well for safe shipment.

Yes, we have an estimated weight on each shipping label. However, if the package is heavier or lighter it will be adjusted by the mail carrier and charged to our account.

Yes, as part of our free service USPS pickups are included for free and can be selected when making your order. 

If you prefer you can also schedule your own pickup for USPS HERE.

We do not have a free pickup option for UPS at this time. However, a paid UPS pickup can be scheduled HERE.

Online Google reviews to sell laptop using


All of our reviews posted below are from real customers pulled directly from our Google Reviews page. Not all of our customers choose to use a profile picture or even a real name but rest assured, all posts are real and link directly to our Google page. It is our goal to make your experience a positive and hassle-free one, so the next time you decide to sell your electronics online, you will use our service again.

Google Rating
This is the easiest process I’ve ever experienced. Very simple and easy website to handle. Almost immediate response team. Great customer service all around! Will definitely be using them again!! 🙂
Very easy to complete the process to send in my laptop. Website is simple to navigate and messaging system makes for a more direct means to contact the company with questions. I will be sending anything I can to them in the future!
Sold my old laptop and phone to them. Process was quick and easy! My check got lost in the mail (probably due to moving) but they were so quick to respond and issue me another form of payment right away. Highly recommend and will be using them in the future!
Great experience! Was looking for a way to sell two GTX 1070s because I'm upgrading my video card and found canitcash. Price was competitive and they were quick to send payment once they received my video cards. Would do business with them again.
This was an awesome experience. It is very easy to get in touch with CanItCash through their basically “dumb proof” messaging system on their website. They answer in about 2 hours. All I had to do was bring my package to the nearest USPS drop off place and boom done. Overall, great place to sell your used items! It could have not been easier.


At Canitcash, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the best possible service to sell your electronics online. If you have any questions about our process, can’t find your device on our quote page, or have another question that isn’t covered in our FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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