1. Get an instant quote for your laptop or other gadget.

Find out how much your laptop or gadget is worth. This can be done by using our simple search method, or by selecting your laptop or gadget from our category images. Next, please follow the on screen instructions to provide the most accurate information or details to best describe the condition of your laptop to receive the most accurate quote. Now, you will see how much we are willing to pay for your laptop. If you are happy with the quote, simply follow the steps on screen and submit an order.

2. Print your free UPS or USPS laptop shipping label.

Once you have decided to sell your laptop and have created an order in our system you will have access to your sellers/member area. From here you will be provided with a 100% free shipping label to ship your laptop. If you place an order on a mobile device, don't worry, you can return at any time to print your label. Shipping to us is always 100% FREE!

3. Package your laptop or other gadget well.

Protective materials should be used to ensure safe transit of your laptop. Simply package your laptop using the packaging of your choice, apply the free shipping label, and drop off the package at your nearest UPS location or choose USPS and simply hand it to your mail person. You can also arrange a scheduled pick-up of your package by visiting, or by clicking the icon/title in this box!

4. Get paid for your laptop fast!

We want to be your number one stop to sell your laptop online. Our goal is to always be competitive and to pay the most for your laptop or gadget. Once the device is received and the information you have provided verified, we will issue payment for your device within 24 hours. We pay you fast for your laptop but we don't stop here, we also pay you how you choose. Scroll down to payout options to see our many payment options. Payment will be issued instantly to the payout method you have previously chosen.


Get paid quickly, efficiently, and how you want. When you sell your laptop online using our service you will be able to pick from our many payment options below.


When you sell a laptop online, or any device, we understand wanting to research the company you are selling it to first. All the reviews we post here on our website are from real customers, and the reviews are pulled directly from our Google business page. We will always put the customer first, and do all we can to make selling your device online a hassle-free and pleasant experience.

    review rating 5  Sold my old laptop and phone to them. Process was quick and easy! My check got lost in the mail (probably due to moving) but they were so quick to respond and issue me another form of payment right away. Highly recommend and will be using them in the future!

    thumb Jackie Deitz

    review rating 4  Simple way to get money for a Chromebook that I no longer used or needed. Process was simple and fast.

    thumb Katie Fisher

    review rating 5  Wanted to get rid of fairly new (2+ years old)but hardly used dell all in one PC. Easy quote process, automated shipping labels. Pretty good about communicating status and process. Will use again.

    thumb Harold Sant

Why Choose Us

Your Personal Information is Safe

As a part of our free service, we reset all devices received back to factory default settings.

No Fees

Sure you can list an item on eBay or Amazon but most ecommerce giants like these will take a portion of your profits after you do all the work. At Canitcash we simply say no to this and we will never charge a fee for the sale of your laptop.

Honest Quotes

Experience our system and you will see how fair we are with our prices and evaluating your items condition. Once your system is evaluated if all hardware is in working order and you were accurate with your laptops condition, we will pay you the amount you were quoted. Avoid scammers online, if you received an offer that is abnormally high or sounds to good to be true it likely is just that.

We Pay You Fast

We pay for your laptop fast! In-fact most payments are issued the same day the laptop is received. We have an extensive list of payment options to choose from including Chase Quickpay, check by mail, PayPal, Amazon gift card, Venmo, and Google Pay. Pick the option that best suits your needs and sell your laptop fast.

Accurate Laptop Quotes

No need for market and price research to sell your item. Our online laptop estimator does all the heavy lifting. We provide many options to state exactly the condition your laptop or any defects it might have. Your price is then adjusted in real time giving you the most accurate quote for your device. Our prices are updated on a regular basis as needed to you can be assured you got the best quote for your device.

We Will Buy all Your Gadgets

With over 3500 different unique gadgets in our system, odds are we will buy your stuff! Our goal is to make selling your stuff easy, so why not do it all in one quick, hassle free experience at Canitcash.

Transparency and Ease of Use

Our number one goal it to make selling your used laptop easy and transparent. We designed our whole website with you in mind and have developed a members area where you can not only track the devices you are selling but also send us a message at any time. We will always contact you back promptly within normal business hours.

We Buy Broken

We buy broken laptops. Accidents happen and so many times people will just look to throw away broken laptops or simply have them collect dust in a closet. With better options available why not try to get cash for your broken laptop? Even if you have a device we can not pay for we will still take it off your hands and ensure it is properly recycled.

Straight and to the point

We hear so many questions on a regular basis “How do I sell my laptop?" "Where can I sell my laptop?" "Best place to sell my laptop?" "Who buys used laptops?" "How much is my laptop worth?" "Can I sell used laptop?" "Can I sell broken laptop?” and so many more. We hope to provide you with a fast free service to answer all of these questions and get you paid for your gadget in a fast delightful way.



Often times we get asked “What’s the best place to sell my laptop?” At Canitcash, when compared to our competitors, we’re trying to do some things a little different. We want to make the processes of selling your laptop online as easy as it can be. Why selling your device with Canitcash is the better choice: No Making Online Adds, No Fees, No Meeting Strangers, Multiple Payment Methods, among others. Our focus will always be a hassle free system to sell your laptop and other electronics online with stellar quotes and even better customer service!

At Canitcash we believe in being green and responsible. This is truly one of our motivators and it makes us feel good about what we do, and keeps us looking for better ways to do it. First, we will always try to find new life for your items mostly through ecommerce sites. If we cannot find a new home for your used electronics, we will disassemble the items and resell any usable components from the device. Any remaining items we will separate and recycle them accordingly.

We are constantly updating our prices on a daily basis. We search various online sites and competitors searching the values of the items we buy to ensure you are getting the most value for your items.

We pride ourselves and our business on being upfront, transparent, and trustworthy. For starters, we suggest looking for reviews online pertaining our company and our competitors. Like any business not all of these reviews will be good ones, but we would like to stress how many good reviews we do have, as usually people do not leave reviews unless something has gone wrong! We hope these will build trust in using our website, as showing positive experiences with our company is likely the best evidence we can provide you before dealing with our company yourself. At the end of the day we will try to earn your positive review as well, and we hope you remember to leave one for us after using our service!


The quickest and fastest way to do this would be to go to our homepage and search using our search bar at the top of the page. Have the brand and model? That’s great! Type it in there and it will generate a list of devices related to that search. Select your device from this list to proceed to the next page. Don’t see the exact model? Send us an email!

Don’t know exactly what to search for? From our homepage, select the icon for what you are selling, be it a laptop, tablet, etc… From there, select the brand from the first page, then search in the drop down window on the next page for the model you are trying to sell. Check out the photos provided for tips on how to locate your model number, it’ll make everything a lot easier!

Once you have selected the correct device, please fill out the following page as accurately as possible to receive the closest trade-in value that your item is worth. We really do stress accuracy here, so please view our guide on that same page for what to look for.

We have created a few images HERE to assist you in locating this. These images indicate where to look on your laptop to find the make and model.

No, we do not take any fees.

Yes, as part of our 100% free service your device will be factory reset to default configuration during our inspection process.

Generally, if you cannot find an item in our database you wish to sell, it is because the item is very new and we have not added it yet, the item is too old and we cannot offer money for it, or we simply missed it. Please use our contact form to email us the specific model information of the device you are trying to sell and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


  • Power adapter
  • Battery
  • Any accessories included with the laptop at the time of purchase (stylus pen or docking keyboard)


  • Power adapter
  • Any accessories included with the tablet at time of purchase (stylus pen or docking keyboard)


  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Power cable


  • Power cord and plug-in adapter
  • Any accessories included with the phone at time of purchase (stylus pen)

Gaming Consoles:

  • Power cord and power brick
  • Any controllers included with the gaming console at time of purchase

Smart Watch:

  • Power adapter

All In Ones:

  • Power adapter
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

We encourage you to factory reset your device before shipping, but this is not required nor do you have to reformat your hard drive. We do recommend you remove any personal files before shipping. We will also factory reset your device free of charge once the item is received.

When you sell a laptop online, we understand you want to be able to track every step of the process. Once you create an order within our system you will be provided access to your members area. We specifically designed this section for our users to track the entire process of the devices sold. We’ve included a messaging system so you can see the entire record of the transaction, as well as being able to ask any questions pertaining to your order.

When you submit an order within our system you will be asked to state the item’s condition and any defects the item may have. Please enter this to the best of your ability. We do have an entire section on our website dedicated to helping you inspect your laptop located HERE. In the event that we receive an item that we feel should have been marked differently, we will always contact you first and you will always have the final decision to either accept the adjusted value or have the device returned.

Once your device is received and inspected, most payments are issued within 24 business hours. The faster you mail your device the faster you get paid!

When submitting your order you will choose from our many payment options including; PayPal, Check by mail, Amazon gift card, Venmo, Chase Quick Pay, or Google Pay.


Yes, once you place an order in our system you will be provided with a free shipment label. You can access this label immediately, via email, and in your online members area so you can print this label anytime at your own convenience.

Once you create an order you will be provided a free UPS or USPS shipping label of your choice. Simply package your item, apply the free shipping label to the box, then drop it off at the shipment provider you originally selected. If you selected USPS you can also hand this to your mail delivery person.

We use UPS or USPS as our shipment provider. You get to choose you preferred method when you create an order.

Packages shipped via UPS are insured up to $100. Packages shipped via USPS are not insured at this time. Please be sure to package your item carefully and securely. Any damage due to poor packaging might not be covered by UPS and will not be covered by USPS.

Yes, we have an estimated weight on each shipping label. However, if the package is heavier or lighter it will be adjusted by the mail carrier and charged to our account.

Currently, we only handle orders within the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is to ensure the best experience for all parties involved. 

Absolutely, are system is designed for you to sell multiple devices with ease. Feel free to package all the devices you sell in one box with the one label provided. Remember to package the items well for safe shipment.

No, we do not supply boxes or shipment materials. We do however supply you with a free shipment label to attach to packaging of your choice. This also helps you get paid faster for your device.


At Canitcash, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the best possible service for selling your laptop online. If you have any questions about the process, can’t find your device on our quote page, or have another question that isn’t covered in our FAQ, please do not hesitate to message us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



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