Canitcash Reviews


We’ve touched on Canitcash reviews a bit in our Is Canitcash Legit? article, but we’d like to highlight some of our great reviews here, and discuss other review platforms. As we mentioned in that article, our Google reviews are the best way you can read unbiased opinions about our customers’ experience with our company, both positive and negative. As a small business, we take these reviews seriously, and hope you take the time to read each review if you are curious.


If you search around, you might be wondering why we don’t have many Canitcash reviews on other popular review websites, such as Trustpilot or the BBB. The simple reason is that these websites have paid memberships that, in our experience, seem to prioritize negative reviews to incentivize paying for their service. Is it not strange for a business to be paying large monthly fees to ensure they receive good reviews? Or to be considered an “accredited” business? As a small business, instead of spending money on these fees, we’d rather put that back into our company to provide our customers with a better service.

In regards to Trustpilot, if you pay for their service you can actually get them to remove reviews. You can also flag many reviews at once, and they are hidden from view while they are being reviewed. As the business owner, you are able to report a review, and unless the one who left the review defends it, it can also be removed. These companies have no association with any government organization, and we have found them unfair and biased in the reviews they post. Simply search on the internet if these companies are legit and you can easily find the complaints.

On Google, no money is exchanged and no reviews can be removed by the business owner. We have found that Google is the best and most unbiased platform for customers to read about our business. You most likely found out about Canitcash from Google, so we feel having our presence there is the easiest way for our customers to learn about our business. Looking for Canitcash reviews, or if Canitcash is legit? Check Google!


Below are some relevant reviews pulled directly from our Google Page. For more reviews, please do visit Google to read them!

Natalie S.

I was a bit skeptical at first because a company that gives you money for electronics seemed too good to be true… But is super legitimate! I really liked that the shipping was free to get my laptop to them and it included tracking. Fantastic communication once my item was received and inspected. The inspection process is VERY detailed and they will look at ALL aspects of your computer, so make sure to be very thorough when you are checking boxes & get an initial quote. They will probably find something that you glossed over or did not think to include which will probably decrease your quote. This happened to me, but they were very fair about it and sent me a detailed explanation for why they had to decrease the value. You then have a choice to accept the offer, message them for more details & pictures, or decline the offer. All in all a very smooth and simple process (way simpler/less hassle than trying to sell stuff on your own). I would definitely suggest this company for anyone looking to get rid of electronics you no longer use!

David F.

Traded in my laptop and was paid fast. Was quoted a fair price and received a free shipping label. Could have gotten more if I sold it myself, but that’s not the point of the website. You take a little less value and avoid the hassle of having to try and advertise it yourself and ship it or having to meet up with a stranger. They buy other electronics as well, so I will definitely use them again.

Brittany I.

Recently sold my old Macbook. Website was simple and easy to navigate. They give you plenty of options to describe your laptop to get an accurate quote. I originally marked my device as flawless, because might as well right to try and get as much money as possible? hah. It did have signs of wear however so it was dropped to good once they inspected it, which is perfectly understandable. The inspection team was very polite, and even provided pictures when I asked. I was hesitant at first after reading a couple reviews, but it really does seem like as long as you accurately describe your laptop and select the correct model you shouldn’t have a problem.


As you’ve read, a business could spend a lot of time and money managing reviews. As a small business ourselves, we understand reviews are very important for the legitimacy of your business and to help build trust with your customers. However, instead of spending a lot of time and money on these services, we like just sticking to Google so we can instead spend our time on providing our customers with the best online service to sell your laptop and other electronics. If you have any concerns about our company please do reach out ahead of time and our customer service team would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about using our service. Contact us and we assure you we will get back to you ASAP.