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CANITCASH REVIEWS We’ve touched on Canitcash reviews a bit in our Is Canitcash Legit? article, but we’d like to highlight some of our great reviews here, and discuss other review platforms. As we mentioned in that article, our Google reviews are the best way you can read unbiased opinions about our customers’ experience with our […]


“Is Canitcash legit?” and “is Canitcash a scam?” are perfectly fair questions to ask yourself when trying to sell your laptop online. It all comes down to trust, and we hope we can prove that to you by our fantastic service. But please read below for other examples you can hopefully use to believe that […]


We’d like to take a brief moment to update our customers on what we are doing in response to the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak. As a small business, it is important for us to keep the health and safety of our employees and customers as our top priority. We want to ensure everyone we are taking […]