is canitcash legit, is canitcash a scam, canitcash reviewsIS CANITCASH LEGIT

“Is Canitcash legit?” and “is Canitcash a scam?” are perfectly fair questions to ask yourself when trying to sell your laptop online. It all comes down to trust, and we hope we can prove that to you by our fantastic service. But please read below for other examples you can hopefully use to believe that yes, we are a real website!


It’s pretty easy to connect with customers in this day and age. With email and social media, we can all be in pretty constant contact. Plus, our customer service guy is crazy and checks emails all day long. Seriously, have a question? Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email and I assure you he will respond to you very quickly (as long as it’s not in the middle of the night, we do have to sleep!) Question about your model of laptop, how our quoting system works, what happens if you want the device returned? Please, just email us. We take our job seriously and we want everyone to be happy. It’s that simple!

Searching Canitcash on Google, you will see our business page. This has our address, phone number, reviews, social media links and even a picture of the inside our office. No stock photography, this is where we work. We’re on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!


While we’re on the topic of Google, here is the best way you can read about various customers experience with our company, both good and bad. As a small business, these reviews make or break us, and we take every single one of them seriously. If you read a negative review, I hope you take the time to read our reply as well to see maybe what went wrong. Our owner replies to each and every one of these. Check out our Google Reviews or if you have any Questions about our reviews or review process.


If you do read these reviews, you may see a common complaint; the price was changed once we received it. There are a few reasons why this happens, and as previously mentioned I do hope you take the time to read our responses to these specific reviews.

In this line of work where we have to objectively inspect and analyze every single device we receive, we will occasionally run into disagreements. Please note, if an offer is ever revised after the inspection process, you are in no way obligated to accept the offer. In our defense, in most cases these bad reviews are left by people that have misidentified the item they were mailing or they were not accurate with the condition of the item. We would like you to know that when we do inspect your item, if there was anything we found not mentioned by the seller, we not only let you know but we would also send photographs of our findings so there is really no way for us to be dishonest. We do offer free return shipping if the mistake is our own. However if the item received is not as described, we do ask for return shipping, as we have already paid for the initial shipping of the item. This is to protect us as a company, and we believe that is fair.

We don’t like needing to have a paragraph here defending ourselves, and like to think our actions speak for themselves, but we strive on being honest and transparent. We want to make it clear we are real humans who will work with you to find an amicable solution if there is ever a problem.

If you have any other questions about “Is Canitcash legit?” and “is Canitcash a scam?” please CONTACT US!