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Review the images below for common locations to find your specific laptop model. Another great place to check is behind the laptops battery if it is removable.

Laptop Condition and Functionality Checklist

Below are some common things to check for when selling your laptop online:
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We promise you the quickest and easiest way to sell your laptops online. Simply click the associated brand and model above that corresponds to the laptop brand and model you are trying to sell. If you do not know the specific brand you are selling please use the pictures above for suggested places to look for it. You will then be asked to select the condition and any defects that might apply to the device you are selling. If your device is broken or has other defects you must select Hardware/Software issues box above to see additional selectable defects.

  • Condition: When selecting the condition of your device we find the best practice is to look at your laptop as if you were buying it. What condition do you think it is in and would be happy with if you were the potential buyer? Choose the condition which you feel best describes your device.
  • Software Issues: This applies if your laptop is either missing its operating system, meaning it does not boot into Windows, or if you will not be removing your Windows password. This might not seem like a big deal, but a locked system substantially slows down our inspection process. If you remove this password it will help us both by speeding up our testing process and ultimately get you paid fast to sell your laptop.
  • Doesn't Turn On/ Defective Motherboard: If your laptop does not power on, or if it does boot/power on but has another problem with either getting into the system BIOS or staying powered on, it falls into this category. A lot of people looking to sell broken laptops will apply this defect if the laptop will not power.
  • Liquid Damage: Spilled coffee on your laptop? Drop your laptop into the bathtub? Select this option.
  • Overheats: Laptop burning your lap every time you turn it on? Does it power-off due to temperature issues? Your laptop is likely overheating.
  • BIOS Locked: What this option means is that your laptop's BIOS settings are not able to be accessed or changed. You may have applied a password in the systems bios and forgot. Please remove all BIOS passwords before sending your device in.
  • Screen [No Display/Broken/Visual Blemishes]: Select this option if your laptop's display doesn't turn on, is broken or shattered, or has visual blemishes such as dead or stuck pixels, uncleanable marks, scratches, or dust under the display. If you are trying to sell a laptop with broken screen we got you covered.
  • Battery [Missing/Defective/Not Original]: We ask that you please provide the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, battery that came with your laptop. Also, for a battery to be considered functional, it must charge to at least 80% of its original capacity and must not show any signs of puffing or swelling.
  • Charger [Missing/Defective/Not Original]: Please include the original OEM charger with your laptop. Frayed or exposed wires would be considered defective.
  • Hard Drive [Missing/Defective]: If you have removed your hand drive before selling your laptop, please mark this option. Same goes for any sort of issue you are having with it, including audible noises such as clicking.
  • Memory/Ram [Missing/Defective]: If you have removed your memory/ram sticks before selling your laptop, please mark this option.
  • Keyboard/Trackpad [Defective/Non-responsive]: Certain keys on your keyboard missing, not working, sticky, or otherwise being unresponsive. Same goes for the trackpad or the mouse buttons.
  • Optical Drive [Missing/Defective]: CD/DVD Drive has a missing faceplate, or the entire drive is removed or not able to read discs.
  • Other Defective Hardware [Speakers/Camera/Mic/etc...]: This is a catch-all option for all other defects not mentioned above when trying to sell your laptop online. If you know something not mentioned, like a webcam does not work, please use this option.
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Our priority is to pay you fast for your laptop. However, we are not willing to cut corners on our quality. Please use our system to accurately describe the laptop you are trying to sell to ensure the smoothest transaction and to get you paid quickly without any setbacks! As always, please do not hesitate to Contact Us first if you have any questions about the process of selling your laptop online.


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