Sell Alienware 15 R1 Intel Core i5 4th Gen Laptop

Sell Alienware 15 R1 Intel Core i5 4th Gen Laptop

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Device Condition

  • Flawless: Looks to be in like-new to excellent condition.
  • Good: Shows light to moderate signs of wear.
  • Fair: Shows moderate to excessive signs of wear. Contains moderate scratches, dings, or dents.

Select Any Issues if They Apply

  • No Power: Select this option if your laptop will not power on or the device has no power.
  • Screen Damaged: Select this option if your laptop screen is cracked, broken, has lines, or has no display.
  • Screen Blemishes: Select this option if your laptop screen has non-removable blemishes such as dead or bad pixels, white spots or hotspots, scratches/dings, and or scuffing marks.
  • Charger Missing: Select this option if your charger or power cord has frayed or exposed wires, is missing, or is defective/damaged.
  • Battery Defective: Select this option if your device battery is defective or does not hold a charge of at least 70% of its original designed capacity.
  • Defective Components: Select this option if the any of the laptops components are missing and or defective. Examples would be faulty keyboard, memory stick or hard drive.
  • Not Fully Functional: Any additional functionality issue not covered above as a selectable option.
How to accurately describe your device model.

Please accurately describe your laptop to the best of your ability. This will ensure the smoothest transaction and to get you paid quickly without any setbacks. Due to risks of damaging equipment, all devices are inspected as received so please do clean your device before sending. As always, please do not hesitate to Contact Us first if you have any questions before you sell your laptop online.