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Helpful Suggestions To Check Before You Sell Your Tablet Online:

  • Condition: We stress being honest and accurate when selling your tablet online. If you are making a listing for eBay, Amazon, or even locally to sell your tablet yourself, you should mention every scratch or dent the tablet has. If you don’t, expect the person who purchases the tablet to complain, or even ask for a return for a full refund. Being accurate in the condition of your tablet removes a lot of stress and uncertainty in selling your tablet online, even if it reduces the value of your quote.
  • Power issues: When getting an instant quote for your tablet, making sure the device powers on is very important. If the device doesn’t power on, it could be having major issues that will drastically affect your quote. If it does power on, make sure the charging port is working correctly when plugged in, and be sure to note any liquid damage for an accurate quote. Make sure the tablet can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth if it has these capabilities.
  • Check the display: Before you get an instant quote, or create a listing to sell your tablet online, be sure to check the LCD display for any issues. These issues can include dead/stuck pixels, discolorations like white spots or lines, or blemishes like marks and scratches. Be sure to clean the screen before shipping your tablet to make sure you do not miss any issues. Again, you want to be as accurate as possible in your description, so no one returns the tablet for an issue that wasn’t mentioned in the original listing. If you have a screen protector over the display, it may also be a good idea to remove this ahead of time to ensure nothing is hiding underneath.
  • Check the charger: The charger/ ac adapter is often overlooked, but can be a vital deciding factory when selling your tablet online. Be sure your charger has no frayed or exposed wires, and that you have both the adapter and the power cables. It is important to include the adapter in your listing if you have one, or else someone may purchase another listing where one is included.
  • Remove all passwords: When selling your tablet online to places like eBay and Amazon, or locally, make sure you erase all passwords and properly reset the device before shipping. While we do this for you once we receive your tablet, someone else who purchases it may not know how to, and will end up returning the tablet to you. Be sure to check your Apple iPad for any iCloud locks. Many customers will ask about this, and if your iPad has a password, many will not want to purchase your tablet.
  • Check everything else: Something else not working right on your tablet? Camera doesn’t work, speakers defective? Be sure to include this within your listing so that there are no surprises once the buyer receives your tablet.


We certainly do not want to intimidate you here with a wall of text. However, should these things be of interest to you, we would like to provide you with all of the information:

  • Make sure the tablet you are selling is fully paid off, it is not blacklisted, all passwords have been removed, and if it’s an iPad, not iCloud locked. If for any reason you are not sure on this please call your tablet service provider to inquire.  You can also check the tablet’s IMEI status HERE. Also, if the tablet requires a password to function this will be your first sign the device is locked and this will need to be cleared before you send the device. We would not be able to purchase your tablet if it is received in this condition.
  • Always backup your important files before selling your tablet online. Most Android tablets and Apple iPads have automatic ways to backup your information to the cloud, but this may be a setting you have to manually turn on in your device’s settings before it takes a backup. This information will be connected to the email you used when setting up your tablet. Alternatively, simply transfer your important files off the tablet you are looking to sell to a USB or external storage. You can do this easily by connecting your tablet to your computer, if you have one. Always remember to backup your important files before you sell your tablet for cash, as you can’t get this information back once your tablet has been reformatted!
  • Securely erase everything on your tablet. As part of our free service when you sell a tablet with, we will always reset the device back to factory settings. However, for peace of mind we do suggest you reset your device before sending it to us. Generally the option to reset your device can be found in your tablet’s system settings. Simply locate the option and follow the on screen instructions.

  • Remove your SIM Card. The first thing to do when preparing a tablet to sell is to check for and remove your SIM card. Most of the older tablets will not have sim cards but if you are selling a newer tablet, there is a good possibility at one point you did install one. It is possible your old SIM card will store important data such as old contacts or personal information so we do suggest you check and remove the SIM card when selling your tablet online.
  • Remove your memory or storage card. It is easy to forget about that extra space you added when you first bought your tablet. If you have inserted a SD or memory card into your tablet, be sure to take it out so you can use it with your new purchase.
  • You’ve created a full backup, saved your personal files, and securely reset your tablet to its factory default settings. Let’s find out if we can get you some cash for your tablet. Return to the top of this page and select the brand of the tablet you are trying to sell to continue to your instant online quote.
Sell laptop, green earth recycle information.

Help keep the earth clean and green and recycle your tablet responsibly

Please always sell or recycle your old tablet responsibly. Hopefully, you are already on your way to an instant quote to sell your old tablet. However, if you find yourself in a position where your device is not worth a value or no one wants it, then its time to dispose of it in an environmentally conscious way. In many cases stores around you that sell electronics such as Best Buy will also offer to recycle unwanted devices; you would just need to bring it to the store. Also, you can look into online sources such as Earth911. If you need assistance getting rid of old technology feel free to Contact Us and we will assist you in arranging a responsible disposal of the items.


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