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Gaming laptops are getting more and more popular, and many people are starting to ask if they should buy a gaming laptop in 2020. As technology gets better, these laptops are getting smaller and thinner, while providing users more and more power. Even just a few years ago, if you wanted a high-power gaming laptop, it was essentially a desktop replacement. Huge heavy machines, sometimes requiring up to two giant power bricks just to power the graphics card and components inside.


Today, most gaming laptops have full discrete graphics card chips, the same ones in desktop PCs, thanks to Nvidia’s Max-Q cooling design. The days of mobile specific GPUs with lower specs are in the past. What is Max-Q design? Max-Q is basically Nvidia’s custom combination of design, software, and thermal/cooling solutions that allow a slim gaming laptop to support a full-range GPU chip, like those found in desktops. Discrete graphics cards are those that have completely dedicated chips, either as a separate video card connected to the motherboard inside the laptop, or the graphics chip itself being fully integrated and soldered to the motherboard. In a non-gaming machine, most of the processing done for graphics is done at the CPU level, being either AMD or Intel integrated graphics.


Some of the best gaming laptop brands in 2020 today now have entire lines of thin gaming laptops, with many of Asus’s ROG gaming laptops being advertised as either ultra-slim or the “world’s slimmest.” Both MSI and Razer have “stealth” lines that also advertise thin and light gaming performance. Razer being almost the Apple of the gaming PC market, with a sleek and full bodied aluminum design made from a single block of aluminum. Other top of the line gaming laptop brands that have thin designs are Acer and Gigabyte, both having their own line of thin gaming laptops.

This is not to say all gaming laptops these days are thin and light, but as previous mentioned, as technology has gotten better, even if the design isn’t advertised as being sleek, thin or light, laptops made today in 2020 have much improved over the huge Alienwares and other brands of yesteryear.


Will we see the Nvidia RTX 3080 in 2020? While we’re still awaiting official news about Nvidia’s next graphics card architecture, Ampere, laptop companies are still pumping out new laptops using the RTX 2000 series line. You may ask yourself if now is the best time to purchase a new gaming laptop, and I’d say as we haven’t heard anything yet about new cards, now is definitely the best time to purchase a gaming laptop. It is clear current laptop companies are still invested in this current lineup of graphics cards, and are still making new laptops with the newest Intel 10th gen processors.

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