where to sell used graphics cards

Where to sell used graphics cards? Canitcash has recently started buying your used graphics cards! With Nvidia’s Ampere architecture right around the corner, and with that the GeForce 3000 series, many people will be looking to offload their previous GPU. A quick anecdote; GPU stands for graphics processing unit, but they can also be called graphics cards, or video cards. We will use these terms interchangeably, but they all refer to the same thing in regard to this article!


You can sell your used GPU right here to us at Canitcash, where we’ll give you an instant quote and a free shipping label. No fees involved in going this route, and we will pay you within 24 hours after inspection! If you choose USPS as your shipping option during checkout, you can even schedule a free pickup so you never have to leave the comfort of your home.

You can of course sell the GPU yourself to places like eBay or Amazon. These places require a little bit more work, requiring you to have an account and either a PayPal account or your bank information connected. You can then create your listing, which requires pictures and a description of the graphics card you are selling. The listing requires you to know a bit more of the technical details so you can fill out all the categories they ask correctly. The benefit of going this route is having the advantage of Amazon’s and eBay’s large traffic numbers, so your device can sell pretty quickly, as long as you price it correctly. Please note that there are fees involved with this, most of the time adding up to about 15% of the sold value. You also have to pay for shipping, and run the risk of return shipping if the buyer wants a refund.

Finally, you can sell your video card on places like Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp or LetGo. If you go this route, you do not need as much information as say eBay or Amazon, and there won’t be any fees. The problem with these places is having to go meet someone you don’t know to exchange the GPU for cash, and many times these people will want to either test the item, or try to haggle for a lower price. If you are trying to sell your graphics card for cash fast, you are not really going to let a stranger into your house to see if the graphics card is working. You will definitely make the most bang for your buck going this route however.

At the end of the day, we want you to sell your GPU at the place you feel most comfortable with.


Just because you spent $1000 on your graphics card when it first came out two years ago, unfortunately doesn’t mean you are going to get close to MSRP when selling it. When selling your GPU to us at Canitcash, we try to take out most of the guesswork, and give you honest quotes at realistic prices. We take the prices from places like eBay and Amazon, and adjust for things like fees, shipping cost and labor, to give you a price that will be hassle-free; as long as you accurately describe the graphics card you are selling. As a resale and recycle company, we do need to buy and sell for a profit. This means that you will likely make a little less than direct selling, though the benefit is ease of use, fast payments, and hassle-free.


The most important part about selling your graphics card online is to not wait. Technology depreciates fast. As soon as you have installed your new GPU and have ensured everything is working, you shouldn’t waste anytime to sell your graphics card. This is why we promise fast payments!

Either when using our website, or when selling your GPU online to other marketplaces, its very important to accurately describe the model of video card you are selling. We keep things to the bare minimum to make it as simple as possible by only asking which Nvidia or AMD card you are looking to sell. Not the exact part number, or which brand like MSI or Asus. Looking to sell an RTX 2080? That’s all we need to know! If you are selling your GPU to somewhere else, you may need to know more information. For example, the part number for the exact graphics card you are selling, make, model, is it watercooled? etc… If you still have the original box, most of this information will be on it, and should make listing your GPU easier.

Speaking of the original box, it is definitely a good idea to hold onto this, as it will make listing the GPU easier, and it will serve as the best protection when you do eventually ship your graphics card to whomever you sold it to.

We hope you do take advantage of our free and easy to use service to sell your GPU for cash online, but if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.